Of all internet traffic will be video by 2017.


Number of Countries we've filmed in.


Piñata featured in our reel. See if you can find it.


“When I am in the need for top drawer video I call on Big Brick Productions. I love it when they make those fancy edits. They press many buttons I’m sure. Great juice bar down the block. Stop me and my effusive praise. WTF does effusive mean?”

Kenny Mayne

ESPN SportsCenter Host / International Humorist

“Big Brick is the absolute best at what they do. I know this because I’m not even sure I understand what they do, but it all gets done. Extremely well. I can trust that they’ll put out the best quality product possible, because they hold themselves to that standard. And that means I don’t have to think about it, which is ideal because I’m very busy. I have my own TV show.”

Katie Nolan

Famous TV Host, Fox Sports’ “Garbage Time with Katie Nolan"



DRED – Summer 2016 New Hampshire TV Spot


ESPN/Johnsonville Co-Branded Spot


Fox Sports: David Ortiz All Star Feature


Cedar’s Chickpea Kitchen : Seven Layer Dip


Fantastic Beasts Movie – ESPN’s The Suitcase Spot






York Athletics: Lynn Gunn


NH Lottery: Daily Fantasy


Matt Doyle

Executive Producer / Director

To describe Matt's career in production as an all-encompassing, international celebration of all things great and wondrous about the art of moving pictures and emotive sounds would be...fair (also a bit over the top, but that's kind of his deal anyway). After an award-winning, 13-year career at ESPN where he helmed shows like "NFL Countdown," "Gruden's QB Camp" and "Kenny Mayne's Wider World of Sports," Matt made the move to start his own production company in 2012. Since then, he's led Big Brick Productions' evolution into a highly sought after resource for all forms of video content—with a special focus on long-form storytelling for both brands and networks alike. Matt also likes to golf. A lot.

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Josh Drake

Senior Editor

Legend has it that Josh made an Oscar-nominated film exclusively out of cut scenes from The Karate Kid and a 1986 Norwegian cheese documentary. What, never heard of Wax On: Rumble in the Fjords? That’s fine. Josh’s skills pretty much speak for themselves. A celebrated storyteller with 18 years of experience in video editing, Josh has won plenty of awards for the mastery of his craft and his unique ability to create emotional connections with even the most stoic audiences. Just ask the Norwegian cheesemakers.

Along with his National Sports Emmy award, 2 Edward R Murrow awards and 6 Telly Awards, he helped create the 2013 USA Today Sports Viral Video of the year scored himself an award for the 2014 Sports Illustrated Best News Feature on a Sports Program.

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Tyler York


Imagine that you’re a Wall Street floor trader who dabbles in air traffic control and delivering babies in elevators. Now you know how Tyler might define “a light workout.” At Big Brick, he keeps the schedules, locks down crews, helps out on shoots and creates more color-coded spreadsheets than a stock keeper at a Crayon factory.

Young Ty cut his teeth as the GM of the indie music/fashion company 1Band 1Brand, where he oversaw a huge group of independent musicians and emerging fashion labels, presenting them to subscribers each week via the company's site,

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Dan Dunn

Director of Photography

Shooters shoot. Dan Dunn has joined the Big Brick team as our full-time Director of Photography. Dan can and will shoot amazing cinematography with literally every camera on the market today. Except the iPhone. Dan saves iPhone videos for his cats.

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Tori DeYeso

Editor/Motion Designer

Tori DeYeso is an award winning editor/motion designer. She's also officially the newest member of the Big Brick team. She's supremely talented. Don't believe us? Ask her to recite "Fifty Nifty United States" next time you see her.

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Andrew Harris

Screenwriter / Strategist

According to Andrew, a good creative brainstorm always starts with the question: “What do you think we can get away with this time?” In the past, this approach has yielded such on-screen sensations as a man getting hit in the face with a salmon, an elderly woman in a tube top smashing a guitar on an unsuspecting NASCAR fan and a yoga class where, well…just watch the video.

As a 15-year veteran in the industry his scripts are the stuff of legend, creating stunning narratives for brands like Sweet Baby Ray's, Bauer, The New Hampshire Lottery, United Bank and more.

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Luke Bonner

Business Development

A former “professional” basketball player, Luke is way more than just a ringer for the company’s hoops team (or, so he thinks). Armed with a master’s degree in sport management and intimate knowledge of the Eastern European basketball scene, Luke helps drive Big Brick’s business development. He’s worked with major brands including ESPN, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, adidas, KIND Snacks, The Mountain and Redhook Brewery. He also spearheaded the #LetBonnerShoot social media campaign to get his brother—Matt Bonner, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs—into the 2013 NBA 3-Point Shootout.

Luke founded the Rock On Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that promotes wellness and creativity through the arts and athletics. Most importantly, one time Diddy said “thank you” to Luke.

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Travis York


Travis is a big picture guy. While our creative types have their heads in the clouds, busy dreaming up the next big thing, Travis helps us turn those dreams into reality with strategic thinking and outside-the-box ideas.

Prior to his time with the Big Brick crew, he was employed by Euro RSCG Worldwide as part of the largest digital agency network in the world, where he worked with some of the biggest brands around, including Guinness, IBM, Lexmark International, Reckitt Benckiser, Royal Caribbean, Virgin, Campbell’s Soup Company, Intel, Symantec and Verizon.

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At Big Brick Productions, we produce video content with the goal of making people laugh, cry or stare at their screen in amazement—instead of simply creating content with the goal of collecting RTs, Likes and Shares. If you can accomplish the first goal, the second will come naturally.